PCB-investigator Ipc-2581 Introduction

The import of IPC-2581 data in PCB-investigator is now available! This data import is allowing a quick implementation of IPC-2581 data in your process. Get a closer look how PCB information included within IPC-2581 can improve your development and supply chain.

Supported revision: IPC-2581 Rev1, IPC-2581 A, IPC-2581 B

Please find sample files on the IPC-2581 Consortium Page.

For any questions please feel free to contact us:

E-Mail: info(at)easyLogix.de
Phone: +49 941 604 889 719

» Download PCB Investigator Demo



Sample Embedded PCB-Investigator download:

(examples from IPC-2581 Consortium Home Page)



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