Design revision for PCBs and electronic devices

An accurate Design Revision Process is necessary to verify requirements for the production of a printed circuit board.

PCB Investigator helps you to take care of corresponding demands like functional or legal regulations to create successful products.

Use the benefit of the integrated time saving concepts. A Task List to organize revisions and involved departments makes it easy to launch new products in short time.

Development of large circuits requires a large number of standards and specifications to be fulfilled. Not only has the product, also the process of production had to be done regarding specifications.

How to integrate customer-specific requirements in a process? OEM’s have to cope with different specifications for the same product. Customers will require different plugs and housings to integrate the printed circuit board. Housing material should protect against external influences and sometimes also act as a functional part.

This creates a direct link between the product and the used processes to manufacture it. Physical properties of used materials can influence the electrical behavior and production processes.

Analyzing distances between two conductors to find violations regarding the rules defined by the PCB manufacture but also by the voltage level on the track is important. Similar rules apply to the width of conductor tracks and the annual ring on interconnections used in the printed circuit board.

Knowing exactly what changes are made at each revision helps to concentrate on the actual task. Having all information at one place reduces misunderstandings and makes the whole team aware of the margins defined e.g. by used equipment for production or due to electrical or material specifications.

Legal requirements always influence the development of high volume products. There are many aspects to take care off. Starting with Human Voltage Protection or environmental protection like lead-free materials. Manufacturing an electronic device needs to consider general rules which includes a set of legal regulation and standards such as DIN, IEC, as well as standards of the "Institute for Printed Circuits (IPC)". Many large companies also set up specific company standards. In addition, standards for interfaces and localized versions are available.

PCB Investigator is the perfect solution to verify many requirements for accuracy. How to create consistent quality? Best method is to create automated processes to verify designs where it is possible.

Defining rules to analyze whether the requirements of your product is met creates reproducible results in high-quality.

Using ODB++ as basis for your layout data, PCB-Investigator can easily be integrated in your design revision flow. The automation interface allows integration in all data management tools to direct access functions or analysis extensions. Design revision with the help of the PCB Investigator provides support to Circuit board designers and EMC specialists to verify the required regulations.

As an example of new products following aspects will be discussed with the PCB-Investigators:

  • EMC
  • Clearance of components
  • Production violation analysis
  • Surge protection for humans
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Materials such as lead-free
  • Leak current
  • manufacturing preparation for mounting and assembly
  • Change documentation

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