compare jobs report

Some of you have recognized the issue in compare jobs, the report method do not work in last version.
We have fixed the excel report function in beta and in short time the full version will be updated.

There are some other updates also included:
- shortcut with double click on the "ZF" label to open zoom box
- aoi image export update for symbol with diameter 0 (will be drawn with 1 pixel)
- shortcut alt + o update (you can use AltCrtl too)
and some more...

Is there a list of shortcuts? some more than alt + o?

Hi Mel,

yes there are many more shortcuts and a list in our user manual:

Here is a short list with the important shortcuts of PCB-Investigator:
Ctrl + B -> brwose for jobs
Shift + R -> recent jobs window
Ctrl + W -> switch draw mode
Alt + click on layer -> activate dependend layers (if top/bot view active)
Arrows to navigate in visible area

Hope this gives you a short overview


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