German Version?


is there a way to get an german version of this software?
I find no way to change the languarge in options.

Thank you very much

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Hi Markus,

there are some more questions for multi language versions. We have this on our list and update it with next version.

your easylogix-team

Is there a spanish version planed too?

in new release there are a easy way to change languages in your option menu. If one languarge is not included, you have the possibility to create your own language file.

Check the subfolder of PCB-Investigator named "language_package", there are csv files with all included languages. You can change the text and create new files for all languages.
Our team is working on many languages, if yours is not includet ask us and we send you the requested files (contact


The forum is a brgihter place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

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