PCB-Investigator V11 – Progress through constant innovation

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You are currently viewing PCB-Investigator V11 – Progress through constant innovation

Again, this year’s major release is based on our constant claim to continuously improve our software according to the latest and highest standards of electronics development and production.

The goal remains the same: We aim to always generate the maximum benefit for our customers!

Therefore, the current version offers numerous new features, plugins and improvements – always focussing on automating your processes to the greatest possible extent.

We understand that automation always requires careful data management – keyword: digital transformation. With PCB-Investigator Cloud 365, version 11 provides you a central database as a management platform for your projects, designs, customers, scripts, etc..

Another focus remains the ease of use of our software of our software. As an example, we have completely revised the editing functions for making them as intuitive as possible.

PCB-Investigator Physics – better, faster and more efficient! Some innovations are also available for you here. The time resolution for transient simulation changed from 1.0s to 0.1s is now even more precise. In addition, we have integrated some new component properties to enable you to perform an even more detailed simulation – time-consuming and cost-intensive prototyping is a matter of the past.

In the following you will find a list of all new features of Version 11:

Physics V11:

  • New component properties for (transient) thermal simulation
    • Rj Top / Rj Board: Input for each component
    • Input of the internal resistance for each component (also temperature-dependent) for automatic calculation of the power loss of the component as a function of the specified current
    • Simulation with embedded components, also with currents/power losses (components that are neither at the top or bottom layer), but embedded in a prepeg layer)
  • User interface modifications for improved Usability
  • Changing the probe diameter in the ohmmeter tool
  • Refined time resolution for transient simulation from 1.0s to 0.1s

PCB-Investigator V11:

  • New plugin Impedance Calculation: Determination of network impedances according to the IPC formula for each selected network at power/ground levels
  • Extensive revision of editing functions (move/edit any data objects, including attribute/property management and undo option)
  • DFM analysis (check placement edge, THT solder spacing, fiducial rules)
  • PCB-Investigator 365 Cloud Integration (Design Management, Part Library, Symbol Library, Script Management, Settings Backup,…)
  • Export of many machine formats (Viscom, Parmi, Göpel, Excellon2, Posalux,…) in the new “Production Control Edition”
  • Updated 3D AOI X-ray analysis
  • Panel Builder: Creation of templates, consideration of keepouts in the nesting algorithm
  • Possibility of synchronizing several PCB Invertigator windows (view, zoom, layers, selection,…)
  • API extension