3D View of Printed Boards and Assemblies

In the development of previous CAD systems for electronics design a two-dimensional layout of the PCB was enough to fulfill all tasks. Through progressive development and external influences, such as miniaturization and digitization, CAD systems also have to improve.

The new 3D-View feature of PCB-Investigator contains functions for a realistic representation (3D) of PCB components, signals and drills as a network.

Flexibility for users

The 3-D tool is integrated directly into PCB-Investigator. A fast switch between 2D and 3D with cross probe selection opens a new possibility of analysis of circuit boards. A fast, simple and detail representation of the components allows a preview of the finished solution. Best is the integrated rotation with arbitrarily selectable axis, a view from every angle. The zoom option also allows a close view to even the smallest part in 3D. Predefined views make it easy to use the 3D even if you are not a 3D CAD expert.

Proven in practice

Expert reports confirm the advantages of PCBI: Matulka electronic GmbH, a service provider which is placed in Nördlingen, is specialized in electronic devices (EMS). For that purpose the company`s client base is multifaceted. "Garage-developers" belongs to its customers as well as suppliers of the automotive industry. That's why Matulka electronic GmbH has to consider and implement a multiplicity of parts lists and changes of layouts.

Using data types like ODB++, PCB Investigator offers a best CAD-Tool, which enables fast and visual implementation of required modifications.

More quality and productivity while lowering costs

The preparation costs fall also by saving precious time. The 3-D tool allows following networks in the 3-D. The advantage over previous programs represents the enormous temporal factor. Coil or ring networks can be identified in an amazingly short time.

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