Matrix Dialog

The matrix dialog offers you an easy way to define new stack-ups or to use existing stack-up definitions to add additional information to your PCB data, even to Gerber 274x or Excellon files.

This data preparation is important for further data processing, e.g. in the Design Rule Check (DRC) or when simulating the physical behaviour with PCBI-Physics.

The new matrix dialog enables you to:

  • update the layer order
  • change the layer types
  • invert layers
  • polygonize layers
  • add material information (material library)
  • change layer attributes
  • define and assign new standard stack-ups
  • export a stack-up report
  • ...

The material library thereby helps you to manage multiple copper foils and pre-pregs for easy adaptations.
You can add own materials and define thicknesses for dielectric, mask, paste, copper and core layers.

In the layer attribute dialog you can change the attributes of a layer and add new attributes.
It is also possible to add own custom attributes with any kind of information, needed for further processing.

Bring more information into your design data for a perfect further processing, e.g. for manufacturing analysis and simulations!

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