Calculate Areas

With PCB-Investigator you can calculate areas of copper on your PCB.
Or all other materials e.g. paste or coating or if you use gold that too. You can use selection to get the used area of nets, layers or pin pads.

  • Or you need the complete board area?
  • You need percent of copper, coating or paste usage on a layer?
  • Is the used material of the stackup good balanced?
  • Do you have a complex area fill and need the area?
  • Need material usage of one net or maye of nets on many layers?
  • Search for a fast answer how much material is used?

For such questions you can use the "calcualte area" dialog to find the answer.
You can export the results in MS Excel or copy the list in any other editor. This gives you an easy way to use the results later again.

If you need parts of the profile it is possible to use one script "Create_Polygon_of_Selection"* to generate a surface with profile outline.
After creating the profile surface you can cut it with negative lines in smaller parts and calculate the area of this parts.

*you can download the script "Create_Polygon_of_Selection" in web tab of scripting tool under "editing"

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