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In PCB-Investigator are many options and methods in the ribbon menu. This special menu can be change by “Customize Ribbon” button in the Start Tab (last button). We offer different menus for our Editions (Ultimate, Developer, Fabrication and Basic) and the options to change the menu individually.

You have the option to import existing menus or one of your company or colleagues.
If you want to create a company or division menu just locate all buttons, dropdowns and groups in the avail-able tab pages or create new pages and export the file to central location where your colleagues have access. Than they can import the xml file and have the same menu as you have.

You can modify the menu by adding commands with “Add Command” button to the selected Tab-Page-Panel.
The Order of elements is:

  • Tab
  • Panel
  • Group/Button-List
The Tab and Panel is required, all other options are individually and can be combined as you want.

All Buttons/Icons without script favourites are possible to add many times and in many tabs/panels.
It is also possible to use drag and drop for new buttons to add.

If you search for a special item and do not find it use the search function of “All Commands”-Tab, just insert the name in the header and the list will be filtered to all with same name including.

With next release we add a function to automatically save changes of your ribbon menu in your PCB-Investigator directory (C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\EasyLogix\PCB-Investigator).
This is important after reinstallation you can use the last menu without do all customization again.

In Button options you can change the size and some more details like “Hide Text” and all bolt written elements.

More information about adding scripts or plug-ins to the menu in this articles:

Using Scripts
Scripte as Plug-Ins

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