Design for Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing invites you to create a cheap product realization!

Designing in an economical way needs the support of advances tools, making it fast to find possibilities to improve the design. PCB-Investigator will be the best choice to cope with constraints by creating cheap electronic products.
Many Analysis options, easy to adjust to the product constrains, are implemented within PCB-Investigator.


The export of the results is available everywhere. All collaboration exports include formats for Excel (CSV) and ASCII for any text based software.

Taking care of all stages in the design process to ensure compliance with all design-for-excellence criteria is very important.

Available bundles are:

  • Design for Manufacturing (DfM)
  • Design for Test (DfT)
  • Design for Cost (DfC)

Collaboration functions are wealth included for Layout and Assemble purposes. PCB-Investigator can also be integrated in existing data management tools to review all parts of the Printed Circuit Board and the Assembly data.

“The flexibility of customization brings you fast from the idea and concept to the development of the desired function and quality. This is important for prototype and series development”, explains Günther Schindler, CEO EasyLogix.

We focus in bringing information to all project members to evaluate while seeing the whole.


  • Idea sharing
  • Collaboration
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Quality assurance

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