EasyLogix joined IPC-2581 Consortium

Making data transfer simple has always been one of EasyLogix's big concerns. Developing applications like the Gerber Viewer and PCBI-Embedded was a first step.

Now we joined the IPC-2581 Consortium to make data exchange between PCB designers and manufactures even simpler. Together with companies like Zuken and Fujitsu, we commit to support this format.

With the IPC-2581 standard it will be possible to easily share needed information between all segments of the PCB supply chain. By gaining efficiency, decreasing production cycle time and reducing costs, this format will be a benefit for all companies involved in PCB design, manufacturing, assembly and test.

EasyLogix strongly supports IPC-2581 to become an open global standard, because speaking the same language is essential, also for CAD formats.

In 2012, the users of PCB-Investigator will also be able to use this standard with the PCBI.

To get more information and to see who else is member of the IPC-2581 Consortium, click here.

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