Embedded Export Viewer - Embedded plus

A printed circuit board runs through many different steps starting with its development and design to its final production.

Using PCB-Investigator Embedded Export Viewer you enable every involved person to work with PCB-Investigator without buying more licenses or running more time-consuming installations. You have no additional costs, but can easily bring everyone down to a common denominator. Choose the chargeable version Embedded plus and automate your viewer for your individual needs.

The PCB data set and the PCB-Investigator Software are saved together within one file and sent as an email attachment or exchanged via any data medium.

Every participant of the production process gets access to all necessary data and is able to work on it with a restricted full version of PCB-Investigator. Optimizing BOM management or EMC control are just two examples of how much you can profit from this special PCB-Investigator feature.

Here is an overview of all features included in the Embedded Export Viewer:

  • Search for components and display it including all attributes
  • Search function Ctrl - F
  • Top and bottom view
  • Select nets and display over single layers or all layers
  • Select single elements or a whole net
  • All measuring functions
  • Labeling of the nets with net names or conducting path thickness
  • Display all components and uses; switchable over tab
  • Notes system for the display of notes and automatic zoom to a position
  • Different color adjustments
  • Assign colors to all nets and components
  • Display the section in a layout plan
  • Metric or imperial view of units
  • Display a histogram of all parts of a layer
  • Fade in a grid as a point or line
  • Print all layers
  • supports touchscreen devices
  • No additional costs

Choose the customizable version Embedded plus and automate your viewer for your individual needs. This plus version offers you even more features than the basic Embedded Export Viewer.

Get the chargeable license of Embedded plus and benefit from the following features that will optimize the flow of information in your company to a new maximum!

  • Runnable over a batch file with specific ODB++ data
  • Linked with a PLM system data base or web request (RestFull) over a .NET interface
  • Selection by an interface, e.g. barcode scanner, ICT, AOI
  • Individual defaults for display
  • Individual color adjustment for components and nets, e.g. all polarized components in green
  • Rotation of single components for a better visualization
  • 2D and 3D view of the board including the real components
  • Live integration of pictures of a camera
  • Generate a digital first sample test report
  • Zoom controlled by external devices
  • Synchronize with machines, e.g. Boundary Scanner, ICT adapter, AOI, Flying Prob
  • Connection to a PLM system by.NET interface
  • Automatic dimension of component groups
  • Integration of an individual surface for customized tasks
  • Adaptable ribbon menu for individual requirements
  • Display of the layer structure including copper thickness and drills
  • Fade-in of information directly in the CAD Display, e.g. component rotation, drawing number
  • Includable menu for opening PDFs
  • Create screenshots with automatic storage
  • Display of solder resist masks (positive or negative)
  • Fade-in of releases or quantities
  • Display of BOM including variation

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