Export Formats

PCB-Investigator has many export formats. Here we have a short overview and information for each format.

All available export formats:

  • List of all formats:
  • ODB++
  • DXF
  • GenCad 1.4
  • IDF
  • Gerber 274x
  • IPC356 D Netlist
  • Sieb & Meyer drill files

  • Image (JEPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF), also AOI images in very high resolution
  • Excel/Txt Lists (BOM, Component List, Pick and Place, also individual list exports e.g. in component manager, selection list or netlist)
3D Formats:
  • Google Sketch Up files
  • 3D Data as obj-File (in 3D Window)

Our main Format is ODB++, this formats gives you all copper/document/component data in a defined layer stackup. The format supports netlists, drill depth, attributes and much more information.

One common format is DXF, this will be supported by PCB-Investigator in both directions (export and import).

The GenCad Format is also supported in both directions (export and import), this data includes nets and component information with complete layer stackups.

Next format is IDF. It gives you a library file for components and a second file with layer infromation.

Gerber format is easier with only vector data of signal elements without components and nets.
In combination with the IPC356 netlist you can export layers with net information.

Drill information can be exported in Sieb and Meyer format. This special format has simple attributes and tool definitions.

Reports are not really export formats, but they can be a usefull helper.
Many reports use different formats (Individual Lists in MS Word/Excel/HTML), in this case it is worth to have a look in the specific plugin description.

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