Gerber output

Gerber is a standard ASCII data format in the field of PCB development, which allows the exchange of information between CAD and CAM.

The import of Gerber data is already possible for quite some time and PCB-Investigator will also support the output of Gerber data soon. This will offer a new crop of opportunities for working with PCB Investigator!

To use the gerber output open the export sub-menu in file menu and select "Export Gerber", you have different options to write outputfiles for all active layers or the complete layer list or only for one layer.

As seen in the other outputs (DXF, IPC2581,...) you can write only selected objects or all elements of layers. If you want to write a panel in gerber 274x, the panel must be flatted. In this special case the PCB-Investigator ask you to do it for you.

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