Helpful Selection Tools

There are some new features in version 5.1 to add or remove objects to/from the current selection.

You can use Ctrl key to remove objects or use Shift to add objects to your selection.
This works for all kind of selection tools.

The standard selection tool select features at a certain location.
The first click selects the smallest object at this point. If you click more than one time you can toggle between all elements at this position.

To select a group of objects in a rectangle, the second selection tool is useful.

With the Net selection tools you can add or remove complete nets (or connected objects or a chain of nets). Use right click on the net selection tool button to change the mode.

The default Net Selection uses the net name to identify the net elements to select.
The same method can be applied to objects of activated layers only. An additional method optimizes the display of the selected net by activating all related layers and hiding unimportant parts of the layout.
The newest feature of this selection tool is to select nets with Crossover Mode. With this mode a net is selected across small components with 2 or 3 pins, where Ground pins are ignored. In this way a logical net can be perfectly tracked.

The geometrical shape modes are interesting if your design does not have any net information. Here objects are selected if they are overlapping each other.

As an option for all these methods connected components can also be selected.

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