How to use CAD Net List

PCB-Investigator contains a CAD Net List to handle all nets easily. You Find Nets with search function in all column headers.
You can highlight nets by selection or setting a color. You can also save your color settings to import them in other designs or give it to a colleague or customer.

You have options to show the components connected to the nets (count and selection). By selecting a net you can optimize the view to highlight especially this net and activate containing layers.

There are tools to generate net list or remove it from existing data. You can rename the nets to “anonymous” names to give it to customers who do not need all information.

Maybe you want rename a single net or combine two nets, that’s also possible like adding a color to a single net or export the net list to csv or copy it and paste it in any software you want.

You see immediately the net properties of all nets and you can filter for special net properties.

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