Localization - open to all languages

To satisficing our customers, we are expanding PCB-Investigator with an integrated interface to implement localization of languages!

Speaking your language provides the ability to use PCB-Investigator in a wide range of processes.

Use the advantage to get.

  • Fast usability
  • Bring details quick on top
  • Rapid implementation and integration in an existing workflow
  • Integrate it within existing tools like SAP, ERP
  • Fast use without training
  • Save time
  • Fast intelligibility


Adjust menus to fasten the process of integration in all areas from development to production and use the same tool in different process with the right amount of information. Integrate PCB-Investigator in different languages to save time and money. Take the advantage of a simple and effective concept to achieve localization for a flexible adaptation of new applications.


Global benefits of localization will be:

  • Improvement in quality
  • Process optimization
  • Internationalization / Globalization
  • Faster launches of products

Developer benefits are:

  • Concentrate on the development not on translation
  • Find information faster
  • Utilize PCB-Investigator faster
  • Integrate the whole team


About easyLogix

EasyLogix provides global software solutions, which are characterized by simple user interface and reliability. A milestone of the company is our PCB-Investigator, a CAD / CAM software for the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards. The visualization of data is not only limited to conductors, but also includes all the components and network information of the PCB layouts. Import formats, that are supported by PCB-Investigator, are ODB + +, Gerber274x, Excellon, Sieb & Meyer, GenCAD 1.4 and IPC 2581st

Latest Feature - localization in different languages

The translation of the plug-ins in many languages gives the customer the opportunity to open up details timeless. Time savings, which are far from negligible, can be used for the actual business operations. Terms in the existing tool can be identified rapidly and thus find no great zeal.

Especially in the current era, in which companies seek to maximize profits, it is important to minimize the cost factor. Expensive training that are aligned to account for intelligibility, through translation into many languages. Companies that act as an interface to the end user, the information can be forwarded directly to the customer without having unnecessary translation activities to build in the necessary time. The advantage is therefore both corporate and client side, and represents a benefit to both parties.

Reasons in favor of localization

Globalization is leading to grow international networks and customer demands for various products are always complex. The location allows the customer needs, and to receive, in the launches may tend to be more quickly accomplished. Process Improvement - a phrase which brings it home. Adapt products to local needs is also associated with significant improvements in quality.

Developers also beat them profit

Developers also come in the localization not too short and benefit from this achievement. Communication errors are things of the past, thereby avoiding unnecessary duplication of effort can be avoided. Developing the aim of minimizing the operation becomes more convenient.

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