Net Connection to Pin

A common question when dealing with PCBs is: How can I find out which component pin is part of which net? In this case, the PCB-Investigator provides you five methods to get to an answer each crafted for a specific scenario while freely letting you choose your approach:

  1. The first and probably most intuitive approach would be to select a component and to do a right click on it, selecting “Properties” to get to the “Component Properties” menu and then choosing the “Pin Overview” tab which lists all the pins of the selected component as well as it related net(s). This enables a direct comparison between the circuit diagram and the pins in the design, e.g. to find out if the power supply is integrated correctly or if all pins are where they should be connecting to all intended nets.

  2. The second approach is similar. It also requires the initial selection of a component. Using the “Analysis” tab in the main menu, you can get to another overview selecting “Connection Analysis” which includes more information in comparison to approach one. Furthermore, a click on one of the listed entries highlights the correlating net and its other components in the graphical representation. This enables among others to quickly and effortlessly check, if certain nets are secured by capacitors (C) or if there is a resistance (R) connected to the next power supply, as well as getting all the distances to the first components of a specified type.

  3. Approach three enables to get the net of the selected component as well as all corresponding components using only a few clicks. Once a component is selected, you just have to click on “Nets of Component” in the “Developer” tab of the main menu to get all the nets the selected component is part of as well as a dialog which lets you explicitly in or exclude which nets are highlighted in the graphical representation.

  4. Approach four works on a reverse principle: It starts with the nets and ends with the components. The module is selected, similar to approach three, by clicking on “Net Connections” which can also be found in the “Developer” tab of the main menu. A window opens showing an overview list of all relevant nets with their corresponding components. Moreover, all the connections of the current selection are highlighted in the graphical representation and you even have the possibility of exporting the list as CSV file.

  5. The last possibility is a quick overview window in the bottom left corner of PCB-Investigator, it shows an overview over all components, nets, etc. based on the selected tab that can be filtered through a searchfield.

The GIF below provides an animated overview over all enumerated methods in this article:

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