A new Dimension in Automation - Scripting with PCB-Investigator

With the PCB-Investigator it is already possible to develop own Plug-Ins to optimize and automate specific processes. This concept is perfectly suitable to accomplish larger tasks and flows, which do not change often and need only few adaptions.

As an innovation in version 5 of PCB-Investigator, this existing concept was completed by a new and simple method for smaller flows and automations: The PCB-Investigator Script Engine

The script engine offers an outstanding master plan to create, manage and use scripts to facilitate the daily workload of all users in all areas of application and helps saving time and money.

True to the maxim “What doesn´t fit, will be made to fit” nearly all recurring tasks can be automated by a simple script to fulfill the needs of the respective user.

We paid particular attention to the well-structured organization and simple handling of the scripts. They can be easily edited and stored in different folders and sub-folders within the UI. A comfortable syntax highlighting helps to create or adapt the modern and easy to understand C# source code. Furthermore an integrated online library with a large variety of script templates helps to understand and apply the enormous possibilities of this scripting interface. Of course there is also a detailed interface description (SDK) available on our Website.

The possibilities of this scripting engine are almost endless. Common examples for scripts are:

  • Colored and blinking highlighting of Ground-Pins
  • Calculation and exporting of layer sizes, copper areas, component sizes, net lengths, …
  • Creation of own, pre-filtered bill of materials (BOM) in company-specific formats
  • Renaming of layers and objects according to company-specific naming conventions
  • Adding information from company-specific files, e.g. variant information from CSV files
  • Automated creation of data packages, e.g. ODB++ including BOMs, Gerbers and Drawings
  • Comparison of different data sets (version control)

Enter into a new dimension of process automations with the PCB-Investigator Scripting Engine!

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