New Feature in Panel Builder: Drag & Drop

Simplify and accelerate your work processes many times over.

The new Drag & Drop function revolutionizes working with our Panel Builder, the ideal tool for planning and implementing production simplifications.

Using the new Drag & Drop function of Panel Builder you can move and rotate printed circuit boards with just a few mouse clicks - just like in the game Tetris but with an infinite number of lives. Align them to snap points or use the auxiliary lines.

Simple keyboard shortcuts provide an additional support and help with more precise alignment: Rotate elements by full degrees or 45 degrees to increase accuracy.

Distance rules to the neighbor help you find the ideal order and make your work easier.You can also align the PCBs to the profile/board contour of the panel.

The Drag & Drop function of our Panel Builder shortens previously time-consuming steps and makes your daily work easier.

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