New Plug-In "Component Connections"

Do you want to check whether each pin has a blocking capacitor?

The solution is the new Plug-in "Component Connections". This plug-in allows you to see the connections of a previously selected object of the board.

In the first step, the components must be activated in the layer list.Subsequently, the component is selected, in which the analysis is performed.

The second step is to open the plug-in in the plug-in list "Component Connections" and enter the reference to be selected.
Then push the button "Connections Report".

After a few seconds, a list is opened which is sorted by the selective reference. When you press by double-clicking a line in the report the selected references appear in the main window. This can be seen in greater minutiae in the detail view.

The detail view displays more information about the selected object, for example the network, the distance or the total net length. Moreover, the different views can be selected. There is a option of connected component to zoom, zoom to empty net, top view or bottom view.

Under the File option in the menu, the view can be printed or saved. By clicking on "update view on selection change" will be activated with the option in the current list. It shows that if you double click the line in the list, the view in the "detail view" turns up immediately.

Find out more about the Plug-In here: Component Connect

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