New plugin – STEP Export

New plugin now available in version 9.2: Export your layout in STEP format.

Convert your data from 2D to 3D and bridge the world of electronics and mechanics. An effective flow of information between the various departments and cross-team working open up unforeseen opportunities.

STEP format (short for "Standard for the Exchange of Product model data") is a popular and frequently requested exchange format connecting electronics and mechanics. STEP goes beyond the simple exchange of geometry (like DXF and IGES).

In the geometry description you can integrate all forms of CAD data models (wire, surface and volume models).

Many common 3D CAD programs (e.g. Catia, Solidworks, Creo) can read the step format. In these design programs 2D formats transform into usable 3D models for mechanics.

You can create a directly editable solid by using our tool NBI. Here, the converted 3D data is directly processable. Further information about NBI:

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