New Release - V9

PCB-Investigator V 9.0 is now available!

Our new release offers you many new features, plug-ins and upgrades!

We rely on a continous developement of our software with objective to extract the maximum benefits for you.
Our efforts satisfy the demands of automation according to the slogan: Better, faster and more efficient!
Still, the simple usability will always remain a key element of our aspirations.

Save valuable time and prototype costs with the thermal analysis and current simulation of PCBi-Physics (edition):
Welcome to the new world of simulations - with PCB-Investigator Physics!
Simulating by GPU makes it even faster!
Also new: HTML-Report! It enables and facilitates team work due to an effective flow of information by bringing all participants down to a common denominator, archiving the data and allowing an easy access to the outputs.

New plugin available: Eagle Import (Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor)! You can now integrate your data into PCB-Investigator!

Automate your business with Creepage Analysis (plugin): Ensure the functional safety of your PCB design by using PCB-Investigator's Creepage Analysis for your layout review! 3D graphics will help you to interpret data better.

List of all new plugins and features integrated in PCB-Investigator 9.0:

  • Eagle-Import: Now compatible with PCB-Investigator
  • Creepage Analysis: Leakage current prevention by an automatic leakage current analysis
    in PCB-Investigator
  • AOI Check: The automated optical inspection is an important step to find defects in the production of PCBs and to fix them if necessary! With the help of PCB-I failings can be spotted and corrected even before manufacturing. It is proven as highly efficient for process improvements and quality achievements.
  • Capacity Calculator: Gauges the capacity between two nets. It ensures the impendance control!
  • IBIS View (Input Output Buffer Information Specification): Ibis files contain the core attributes of a component (e.g. temperature, voltage) and enable an optimised visualisation (chart view).
  • HTML Reports: Lists and reports can be stored in HTML files. HTML-reports facilitate the archiving and transmitting of data: perfect for succesfull teamwork and interactive organization.
  • Online Support: Disposable online manual that supports the easy usability of our software. Contents are constantly expanded (
  • Order Report: Summary for a PCB order; registers e.g. drills, material, size and layer overviews (f.e. 300 x 200 mm in 8 layers).

Further improvements:

  • PCBi-Physics: Upgrade with a new GPU solver (up to 10x faster) and HTML-report.
  • Panel Builder: The ideal tool for planning and realising simplifications regarding the production. Arrange PCBs on a large production panel with only a few simple steps.
  • Scripting: Automate your daily tasks with the improved PCB-Investigator scripting tool.
  • Package Library: A library for data processing. It enables the editing of components.
  • Xpedition Net Groups: Integration of Xpedition Net Groups via Netgroups.
  • DRC (Design Rule Check): Additional silkscreen analysis available.

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Avec cette version de test vous pouvez profiter de toutes les fonctionnalités et avantages de notre systeme de plugin.
Suivez simplement ces étapes ci-dessous.
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