New Simulation Video Tutorials (PCBI Physics)

Our new Video Tutorial Playlist shows how to use PCB-Investigator Physics to improve the thermal behaviour of your PCB in many different ways.
In our new Video Tutorials we show you how PCB-Investigator Physics helps you with your thermal management already in design phase - even before the first prototype is produced!
You can simulate different heat reducing mechanisms like:
  • Changing the base materials
  • Optimizing the copper structure
  • Adding more thermal vias
  • Adding heat sinks to certain components
  • Using insulated metal substrates (IMS)
And the best thing is, you can do all of this within the same tool - PCB-Investigator Physics!
You do not have to switch back to any layout tool! Try it out!

Watch our PCB-Investigator Physics Videos here:

Physics SimulationTutorial 1: How to use PCB Investigator Physics
(» download video)

Physics SimulationTutorial 2: Improve thermal behaviour by using different materials
(» download video)

Physics SimulationTutorial 3: Improve thermal behaviour by optimizing the copper structure of your layout and adding thermal vias
(» download video)

Physics SimulationTutorial 4: Improve thermal behaviour by adding a Heat Sink to a component with high power dissipation
(» download video)

Physics SimulationTutorial 5: Improve thermal behaviour by adding an Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS / Aluminum Plate) to the bottom side of the PCB
(» download video)

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