Nice to know: Adding objects

Make design suggestions by adding objects and adapting them according to your wishes. In that way you can easily visualize your proposals to your PCB Designer.
With "Edit" --> "Add Object" you can add various items, like:
  • Lines/Arcs
  • Surfaces
  • Texts
  • Pads

Select the required layer(s) and add the wanted item(s). Besides the hands-free version, there is also the possibility to determine the element's position using coordinates.

The menu offers a variety of design options to customize the selected objects and to adapt them to your requirements. For pinpointing the elements with check marks, please activate the "Snap to end" option.
This tool is the perfect way to present your design suggestions.

With latest update you get the option to flood layers with surfaces. This can be used as basis for hatching the empty areas.

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