Nice to know: Find test points

You need an overview of the nets connected to test points?
You want to find out, how many test points there are on a net?
You search for a special test point on a specific net?

To create a simple overview for each net with test points, you can use the test point report, this helpfull dialog gives you a list for each net with connected testpoints.

The list can be exported in excel/CSV, but the more usefull method is to check the nets directly in PCB-Investigator. By double-clicking you can highlight each net and set special colours to mark the test points. The Information is based on ODB++ attributes/component references or partnames and can be changed easily by your company settings.

It is also possible to use IPC356 import to check test points connections to nets or add your test points with the component editor and check, whether all nets are handled with your own test points.

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