Nice to know: How to find components

What is the best way to find components in PCB-Investigator? Use Search Dialog or use the component manager?

You search for an component reference and have no idea where on the board it is located?
Or you search for all components of a specific type?
Or you want to find all components with specific reference beginning?
Maybe you know the part number, geometry size, height or other properties and have to find the component?

Use search dialog to find your component (Crtl + F or in the selection menu).

In the quickoverview is a search box integrated, here you find the component reference as fast as with the search option.

Use component manager, there is a filter option in the list. Maybe you have only the package name or location than it is easy to find your component here.

There are some more options to find searched components, just try it out.
If you need more information here is a full video for component manager: video link

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