Nice to Know: How to find Components, Nets or Objects.

It is always important to easily and quickly find the component or net currently needed for your work. PCB-Investigator therefore offers a mighty Search&Find functionality, described in this blog.

To open the Search&Find Dialog, please click on "Selection->Find" or press CTRL+F

By using regular expressions it’s easy to find a group of elements (e.g. all IC* or all R1*). Examples for regular expressions are available when clicking on the question mark symbol in the lower right of the dialog.

To increase the speed for searching, you can define whether the text should be searched everywhere (all) or only e.g. in the net or component data.

In the result tabs you can select and jump to the found objects by double clicking the item in the list. To clear the result list, please select "Clear results" in the context menu of the list.



search is very nice. But after searching few times it is a little bit difficult to find the correct tab page. Is it possible to delete search results without clearing the complete resultlist?

Hello, good point we add a option to remove one tabpage of the results in search dialog. thanks for the good idea. Regards Fabio

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