Nice to Know: Link Component Properties

Component Properties Dialog
With the V6 update the properties dialog was extended by a component image, an area for the component information and one for the package information.

If you connect your components with online material or documents (PDFs, Videos, webpages) you can use links to find your files/pages easily by double clicking.

In the property grid all component properties are listed, where some of them are also changeable like the color or height.
In the Package property grid all values are read-only as it is not possible to change the package definition here (for doing this you need the component Editor plug-in).

For signal layers the property dialog now has some more Information, too. Here some values like the 'FreeText' or layer net number can be changed. In the upper part of the dialog you can use the context menu to set colors or select all objects with a similar property.

In the lower part of the dialog, there is an attribute list where you can select all other objects with a similar attribute by double clicking.

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