Nice to know: Using Scripts

Scripting is one of the most popular plugins of PCB-Investigator. With examples for beginners or more complex scripts to handle complete work processes, the download area is a good basis for creating own scripts.

Now with version 6 of PCB-Investigator you can add all scripts to favourite groups and start them directly from your menu without opening the script Dialog first.

You can create many scripting groups and add your own favourites there. All new favourite groups are added to the PlugIn menu and can be moved to any other tab in the ribbon menu.
There are no limits to create own groups. You can also use own icons and self-explaining names to find them easily.

PCBI scripting is included in our demo with two startup scripts. You can use them directly and/or go to the web area to download new demos.

If you understand programming with .NET you can develop your own scripts easily. For a quick introduction we have many examples online here: how to instructions

For sharing your scripts and use code of other users, it's possible to join our community and use the PCB-Investigator forum. There are many FAQs, if you need help you will find a solution here.

It is also possible to create shortcuts in your script folder, e.g. if you have a server directory with all scripts of your company and all users should use them. Just create a shortcut in your local script folder to the server directory and all server scripts will added to your list of available scripts.



die Skripte funktionieren soweit. Allerdings wird im Unteren Konsolenbereich keine Ausgabe angezeigt. Wie kann ich Texte ausgeben um z.B. das Ende meines Skripts mitzuteilen.


Console.WriteLine in Scripting

Jens ask for Console output in Scripting dialog.
The best way is to show message boxes, because there is no Console.WriteLine(""); available in scripting dialog.

Hallo Jens,

Im Skripting Fenster sind keine Konsolenausgaben implementiert. Sie können MessageBox.Show(""); verwenden um Texte auszugeben.
Wenn mehr ausgaben nötig werden empfehle ich ein Log-File zu verwenden und eine extra Klasse mit zu liefern die sich um das Schreiben des Log-Files kümmert oder erstmal alle Einträge in einem StringBuilder mit dokumentieren und am Ende entsprechend ausgeben oder das Log-File speichern.

Hoffe ich konnte Helfen.
Viele Grüße

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