Paperless Fabrication

PCB-Investigator can achieve the vision "Paperless fabrication" in the field of printed circuit board-fabrication: no longer unnecessary piles of paper, increased quality with regard to zero-defect production, falling costs and an essential fee for sustainability and environment protection.

Time to say goodbye to additional sheets

Additional sheets are now thing of the past; they are not only a burden for the environment but also a challenge for the organization processes in a company.

Updating individual stages in the production process can even cause difficulties.



PCB-Investigator – a miracle of time

The long-awaited dream comes true by the innovative product of Schindler & Schill GmbH. Applying PCB-Investigator on every step in the manufacturing process allows to finish project faster and without using a sheet of paper.

At each work station, the latest version of project is available by using a central server in the "paperless factory" so waiting for the new version (improved sketches) finally comes to the end.

Proven in practice by customers

Expert reports confirm the advantage of PCBI:
For instance Matulka electronic GmbH, a service provider which is based in Nördlingen (specialized in electronic devices (EMS)). To achieve that the company`s client base is multifaceted.

"Garage-developers" belongs to its customers as well as suppliers of the automotive industry. That's why Matulka electronic GmbH has to consider and implement a multiplicity of parts lists and changes of layouts.

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