PCB Investigator integrates IDF 2.0/3.0 Import and Export

The PCB-Investigator starts the next round – Integration of internationally established procedure IDF. Edit and comparing data is almost child's play. IDF serves as an interface to transform ODB++ data into any flexible ECAD system.

The "Intermediate Data Format" is an established and reliable method to transfer PCB data into other CAD systems. The import and export of data is placed in the focus, in order to ensure a permanent overview in terms of data exchange.

The practical implementation by using the PCB-Investigator is a breeze. Users can import IDF data, edit and convert it into any other formats. This data is then forwarded to satisfied customers for use. Regarding the graphical presentation, there are two options available - 2D or 3D.

Therefore, the concern can be illustrated customized. Depending on your complete records may be disclosed in the form of images. Similarly, the transfer of part of data is possible, which is particularly important for customers who are interested in partial solutions.

Features in summary:

  • Processing of IDF data
  • Comparison of the IDF data
  • Rear placement of ODB + + - via IDF - in each ECAD

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