PCBI Release V 3.4.6

Putting our cutomers' needs and wishes first, the new release is providing what you asked for!

Reduce prototypes by using the new bridge between 2D to 3D and use the new combination of multiple boards in one step. Find out the correct connection over PCB boards. Enjoy the freedom of importing and exporting all important formats for the PCB development business in 2D and 3D.

PCB-Investigator is designed to solve common needs from development till production. Try it for free and get full support from your easyLogix Team.

We are looking forward getting in touch with you.

EasyLogix just published the release PCB-Investigator V3.4.6.

Many new features have been added. However, the user friendly surface is still there.

The new features are part of the Plug-Ins System, which is the "APP Store" for PCB-Investigator. This concept gives the customer most freedom for creating own working flows or integrate it in Systems like SAP/ERP.

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