Release 8.0

PCB-Investigator V 8.0 is now available!

Manage your components in your own library with 3D models?
Use the new features component editor and component library to do this!

Create optimized panels for fabrication?
Use the panel builder to create panels depending on your panel size. Or calculate the panel size for fix count of PCBs.

Check groups of nets depending to rule sets for distances?
Use Net Group Wizard to find out how.

Is there a short in your IPC356 netlist?
Use drag and drop and PCB-Investigator gives you the answer.

This and many more ways to analyse and optimize your PCBs are available in PCB-Investigator 8.0.

New features PCB-Investigator 8.0.0

  • Component editor is connected with component library, now you can manage components and replace 3D-elements simply.
  • Update of IDF, it's faster to export and import and now you can write much more details in output files.
  • Add new options to find testpoints (also added some more information by importing GenCad test points).
  • Import of IPC356D netlist do short and open checks immediately.
  • Using of component library while importing CSV component information or attributes.
  • Add many new options and tools to net group wizard (e.g. distance checks for groups with rule files).
  • Compare mapping to set default values in graphically board compare.
  • Flatten step and repeat is faster than ever.
  • Interface updates:

    • New IAttribute class added many more methods for handling of properties and (user) attributes.
    • With IEDA_PRP class you have an easy way to handle properties for all types of elements.
    • IDrawingParameters are added to handle the image creating exactly.
    • INote class for creating and showing your own note elements.


    » Automation Interface Update (pdf)

    » Release Notes (pdf)

    » Interface Documentation


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