Release of PCB-Investigator V13.1

The latest version V13.1 of our software PCB-Investigator is now available for you!

Also this release offers you a large variety of new features, upgrades and improvements. And since we have always been focussing on you as our customer, all innovations and modifications are driven by your individual wishes or requests. For us, customer-oriented software development includes maintaining the easiest possible operability, so that you can easily incorporate all new features into your daily work as quickly as possible!

What you can expect from the V13.1:

  1. PCB-Investigator
    • Completely reworked „Measure“ dialog
      • Including „Dock to Point“
      • Including „Dock to Edge“
    • Bugfix in „Area Calculation“
    • Improvements at „Transform Dialog“
    • Improvements at „Package Editor“
    • Bugfix Dongle Recognition (x86)
    • Minor Bugfixes & Improvements

  2. Importer/Exporter
    • Cadance Allegro FABmaster Importer
      • New
    • CCZ Importer
      • Minor Bugfixes & Improvements
    • DPF Importer
      • Minor Bugfixes
    • DXF Importer / Exporter
      • Minor Bugfixes & Improvements
      • Dimensions are imported
    • Excellon2 Exporter
      • Minor Bugfixes & Improvements (e.g. Step&Repeat)
    • Fabmaster Importer
      • Minor Bugfixes
    • Gerber Importer
      • Minor Bugfixes („MI“ Command & Panel)
    • IPC356 Importer/Exporter
      • Arcs are exported
      • Profile is exported
      • Panels are exported
      • MidNetPoint information is set
    • QD Exporter
      • Minor Bugfixes & Improvements
    • Viscom Exporter (AOI, AXI, SPI)
      • vVision (V4) & SI data export

  3. Analysis
    • Bare Board Analysis (DRC):
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes
    • DFM Paste Check
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes

  4. Others
    • DFT Preparation:
      • New Elowerk Export
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes
    • Dimensioning
      • Create dimensions for current selection
    • Extended Design Report
      • Minor Bugfixes & Improvements
      • “Critical” markings for GraphicalBoardCompare
    • Panel Builder
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes
    • Stencil Generator
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the latest release.

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