Release of Version 10.5

Now available: The latest version 10.5 of PCB-Investigator!

Benefit from the numerous updates and improvements of our latest PCB-Investigator Version V10.5

Overview of the most important innovations:

  • Eagle Update: improved area fill flooding / thermal tie creation
  • Database Compare Update: percent values for pins instead of components per net
  • DPF-Update: better internal attribute handling
  • GenCad Update: better error handling with invalid package names and empty text content
  • Improved graphically compare for panel
  • Improved TGZ Import: invalid file chars are now replaced by "_"
  • Dimensioning Update: better visualization of dimensions in bottom view
  • Attribut Histogramm Update: package size added for component layers
  • Component Attribute Export Update: package size added
  • If PCB and Panel are existing in a dataset, the PCB is always loaded at start-up
  • More links to the manual in different sub-windows
  • Printing Update: last used options are stored in the ini file
  • Reworked mouse wheel zoom: if sub-windows are open and overlapping the drawing area, the view is centered to the remaining part of the drawing area
  • Bugfixes: e.g. no empty file output, some missing flags for saving

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