Release of Version 12.3

Version 12.3 of PCB-Investigator is out now!

Again, the latest release is packed with numerous enhancements and bug fixes - for an even more efficient, and streamlined experience with PCB-Investigator!

If you download the latest version 12.3 of PCB-Investigator, you will be able to benefit notably from the following new features.

    What's new:
  • Improved dynamic text handling
  • Better handling of wrong drill definitions (start/end exchange)
  • Extended interface to Panel Optimizer V2.3 (counts, attributes, layer thickness,...)
  • Improved PDF import (improved polygone handling)
  • Gerber bugfix
  • Improved Step export (self intersecting check)
  • IPC 2581-B import panel bugfix
  • Enhanced DPF import
  • Invert Layer bugfix for elements with diameter 0 (r0 lines)

If there are any questions concerning the latest release, please feel free to contact us.

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