Software on Demand – Our new and flexible licensing system

Using floating licensing offers an easy and flexible way to share a limited amount of licenses among a larger number of users. After verifying the identity of the user and the availability of a license, the user can check out a license from the floating server to start the software. Up to this point you had to run and service the server yourself. This is where our new Software on Demand System comes into play.

Our new server manages all your licenses and keeps track of their usage. You can create users on your own and manage them in custom made groups, while acquired licenses can be distributed to said groups. Users can use the software from anywhere, anytime and from any PC they like, or you can only allow access from your corporate network. You can view the usage of the software and its plugins and optimize the number of licenses you actually need. With a secure SSL connection all communication with the server is encrypted and safe from attackers. Additional security features on the server side further prevent the capture of data.

Features include but are not limited to:

  • SSL encrypted communication
  • Online management console
  • Flexible distribution of your licenses
  • User management
  • View software usage
  • Not computer-bound
  • Not IP-bound
  • 99.9% availability

The system is successfully tested and already in use. It is under constant development to improve usability and performance and to ensure a positive experience for our customers.



Dear friend i want to ask how mach is cost

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