Upgrade: GenCAD Import/Export

Version 9.1: Complete revision of the import and export of GenCAD data

Besides ODB++ and IPC 2581, GenCad is one of the most important data formats regarding circuit boards; it is mostly used for production.

export upgrades:

  • unplated drills are now exported as mechanic drills,
  • component packages are exported with all pad-stack information (copper, mask, paste),
  • each rotation angle and each mirroring of the component is possible,
  • all component propterties are exported
  • pad/drill properties like geometrie/ via names are broadly exported,
  • test points are tagged with the relative Information in GenCAD.

import upgrades

  • additional attributes are placed (f.e. different types of pads: Via or SMD; plated or unplated drill),
  • GenCAD test points become normal test points.

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