Upgrade of PCBI-Physics: Animation of current flow

PCB-Investigator Physics is a powerful tool for simulating the physical behavior of PCBs even during the development phase.

Physics Physics allows you to simulate the increase in temperature, current density, voltage loss and power resistor.

By adding value to the simulation results in PCBi-Physics by animating arrows or rather the direction of current flow, you are now able to not only display the current density at any point, but:

Superposing each layer picture (temperature, voltage or current density), the animation can be started

  • to show the actual direction of the current flow
  • to visualize high and low current density by an increasing size and speed of arrows.

By inspecting the temperature map of PCBi-Physics, you can watch the animation of current and immediately spot electric and/or thermal bottlenecks, where a high current net needs wider traces or see, which drills are main carriers of current between layers. So, understand, what´s going on, save time and simplify thermal analysis by using PCB-Investigator Physics!

Optimize your layouts or layer setup by applying the edit function provided by Physics. You are only a few clicks away!

Experience new and innovative possibilities of simulating by using PCB-Investigator Physics!

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