View, Analyze and Edit PCB Production Data

Use the intelligent output of your PCB Design System and check the output before sending it to the manufacturer.

Going to the edge of production technologies needs more knowledge about PCB and Components. Use the many features we have implemented.

Double your Success

Utilize ODB++ to combine Printed Circuit Boards makes it possible to use different CAD programs such as Mentor Expedition or Zuken CR 5000 to get a complete electronic development at one place.

More quality and productivity parallel with cost reduction

Many advantages are obvious: up-to-date data, available at each station at the same time. Reduce sources of errors and minimize numbers of reoperations; eventual problems, like faulty assemblies, identified easily and can be corrected - quality and productivity grow significantly. Time savings create a positive effect on the cost side. The customer’s directly benefits from a higher punctuality of delivery.

Get support from start of a development until delivering it to your customer

PCB-Investigator observes PCBs and Assemblies in every development and production stage without using any sheet of paper. The complete workflow of the developing and production process - incoming orders, equipment, assembling, functional check, packaging and even delivery - becomes digital whereby the printing of endless documents occurs unnecessary. Use the advances digital signing concept to fulfill ISO standards.

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