Release 7.0

PCB-Investigator V 7.0 is now available with many more features.

Beside ODB++, GenCad 1.4, DXF and many more data formats, a new import for DPF files is now available.
Also a new export option for Sieb and Meyer files (drills and routing layers) was implemented.

The Bare Board Analysis (DRC) has been completely reworked and now offers a broad range of design rule checks with a dramatically increased performance (More Details).

For easily defining and editing the PCB stack-up, a new Matrix Dialog was added, including an own material library (More Details).

In order to keep track, we also improved the general map in the info area.

Please find below a short extract of other improvements and changes done in V7:

Interface updates:

  • Many new functions and methods e.g. for handling overlay Images, measure distances and adding new tool definitions
  • New classes to handle notes (INote) and to handle attributes (IAttribute)
  • More methodes to act on mouse events or property changes
  • IPolyClass has many powerfull new methodes

New Plug-In updates:

  • New Plug-In for 3D using DirectX, for a fast and smooth movement
  • Improved gerber export to get smaller file sizes
  • Many lists do now support filtering and a CSV export
  • Reworked user interfaces and many more options in most Plug-Ins


» Automation Interface Update (pdf)

» Release Notes (pdf)

» Interface Documentation




Sounds like some great new functions! Definitely going to check the PCB-Investigator 7.0 out! Will be very useful for pcb manufacuring and such. Thanks for charing :)

Grüß euch.
Schöne Verbesserungen! Eine Funktion, die im PCB Investigator 4 noch dabei war fehlt mir nach wie vor: Bei "Export Embedded" wird eine EXE-Datei erzeugt. Diese enthält aber seit mehreren Versionen keine Componentliste mehr, nur noch eine Netzliste. Das erschwert das Arbeiten doch sehr und ich nutze immer noch die alte Version falls mögliche.
Könnt ihr das wieder hinzufügen, notfalls optional?

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