Ensure Safe Circuit Design with Hazard Analysis in PCB Development!

The Hazard Analysis Plug-in creates a risk analysis and detects possible short circuits in a few seconds.

There are always safety requirements when developing circuits. To prevent leakage current, for example, certain minimum distances between conductive components must be maintained. DIN EN 60664 VDE 0110 as well as IPC2221A and UL60950-1 specify these distances.

With the Hazard Analysis in PCB Investigator, you can detect disturbances early on, avoid them, and thus protect your design. The software calculates the shortest distance between the conductive parts and the edge of the board. Uncoated borings and indentations are also taken into account.

The Hazard Analysis Plug-in detects all exposed copper points with a distance to each other that is too small. Solder balls or metal chips can cause a short circuit at these points.

The minimum distance and other filter criteria can be set according to your requirements.

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