Component's pins and Netlist


Actually I found a C# code for releasing components and pins in PCB investigator and it's really helpful.

but the problem is this, how is it possible to show the components pins or in other words, pins that belong to special component in ODB++. in this case it is not possible to get the netlists from software because it does not understand the connection between the pins, components and tracks.
I will be grateful if you could help me.

Kind regards

Hi Farzin,

to show component pins you can use the component view setup -> View Pads (in Components menu).
There are two options to view pinnumbers from geometry or from component (sometimes they are different e.g. for BGAs one are only numeric 1,2,3,... and the other are alphanumeric a1,a2,...b1,b2,...)

In IAutomation interface you can use the IColorSetting of IPCBIWindow -> ShowPinNumbers

In the example there are new objects without pin net information, you have to add the net information in INet objects with
void AddCMP(ICMPObject Component, int ConnectedPin)

You get the INet objects in IStep
List GetNets()

here are a example for scripting, how to highlight pins of net "gnd":

Hope this helps.

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