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Hello Users,

the panel builder has a new function directly integrated in PCB-Investigator Layer List. You can add new steps via drag and drop of ODB++ data in the layer list.
After drag and drop a ODB++ directory you get a question to open it or add a new step, than it opens panel builder "Add Step" option and you can select witch step is relevant and rename it if necessary.

This works only with license for panel builder, if you use basic version you can't use this feature.

Hello PCB-Investigator Users,

we have found a important method is missing in version 6.0, the button set profile do not work as it should.
For all Users of Panel Builder please update to newest resease 6.0.2 to fix this issue.

Let us know if you need help.

Hi all beta user,

we have a new option to "optimize" the given area with panel builder.
You can set a fixed panel size and PCB-Investigator calculate the maximum elements to add in the panel.

You can tests this feature in newest beta version since today.

Hello, how to use the Panel optimazion via Interface?
Wie want to create a One Button Solution for Dillingen our Production Panels.


There are only simple operations to automate the panel creation in IAutomation Interface.
For a one button solution you need some specific information like size of panel and manufacturer edges.
For this special task, we can create an offer for you. Just send an eMail with the details to


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