Release Notes 6.0

Hi All,

we have finished the new release. Here is a overview what's new:

New features PCB-Investigator 6.0.0

  • New menu structure (ribbon).
  • Easy view of selection in layer list.
  • Scripting with menu shortcuts.
  • Panel Builder integrated with easy handling of panel creating.
  • GenCad 1.4 export update.
  • DXF import update.
  • Fabrication options to modify the board contour.
  • Interface updates:

    • Many new functions or overloads e.g. image create with GetBitmap in IStep
    • Localicationed controls with automatic translation.
    • IFilter has new creating methods with less parameters to use them without specific knowledge.
    • Options changeable from interface e.g. component pin labels or way to set license via interface

    New Plug-In updates:

    • Possible to integrate your own Plug-Ins in your private directory.
    • Customize your menu easily.
    • Better PDF import and synchronization.
    • Some new designs and many more options in many Plug-Ins.


» Automation Interface Update (pdf)

» Release Notes (pdf)

» Interface Documentation



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