Release Notes 8.0

Hi All PCB-Investigator Users,

we have finished the new release 8.0. Here is a overview what's new and what is updated:

New features PCB-Investigator 8.0.0

  • Component editor is connected with component library, now you can manage components and replace 3D elements simply.
  • Update of IDF, it's faster to export and import and now you can write much more details in output files.
  • Add new options to find testpoints (also added some more information by importing GenCad testpoints).
  • Import of IPC356 netlist do short and open checks immediately.
  • Using of component library while importing CSV component information or attributes.
  • Add many new options and tools to net group wizard (e.g. distance checks for groups with rule files).
  • Compare mapping to set default values in graphically board compare.
  • Flatten step and repeat is faster than ever.
  • Interface updates:

    • New IAttribute class added much more methods for handling of properties and (user) attributes.
    • With IEDA_PRP class you have easy way to handle properties for all types of elements.
    • IDrawingParameters are added to handle the image creating exactly.
    • INote class for creating and showing your own note elements.


    » Automation Interface Update (pdf)

    » Release Notes (pdf)

    » Interface Documentation



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