CAD/CAM Functions

These functions will support you:

  • File loading with auto recognition of file type
    (ODB++, Gerber274X, Excellon1/2, Sieb & Meyer)
  • Direct loading of compressed Zip/Tgz files
  • Different export options
    (ODB++, DXF, CATIA-Script)
  • High resolution image export
    (tiff, jpg, png, bmp)
  • Integrated screenshot function
  • Change Tracking by automated graphical layer comparison
  • Panel data view
  • Three drawing modes included (Filled, Outline, Both)
  • Size info drawn directly into all objects
  • Pictures can be imported and displayed behind the real CAD data
  • Multiple selection possibilities
  • Selection of a net according to the net list (export option to IPC356)
  • Layers/Objects can be moved, rotated and mirrored;
    Layers with different offsets can be aligned automatically
  • Special color setup for layer color definition
  • Advanced measure modes
  • Attribute histogram for all objects and components
  • Bill of Material (BOM) with CSV export function
  • Strokes (mouse gestures)
  • 3D View of the PCB (» Screenshot)
  • Quick-Info with integrated Stack-Up View
  • All tracks can be labeled with their net names
  • Non-selected objects can be drawn transparently
  • Individual colors can be assigned to each object

And many more - see our » Plug-In overview

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5