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PCB-Investigator Plug-Ins

Our Plug-In system makes it possible to supply customized solutions and guarantees an easy integration of the Plug-Ins in your working process.

Take a look at the predeveloped Plug-Ins we provide. They give immediate help for a lot of tasks around the PCB development to save time and increase quality.

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PCB-Investigator supports the export of your layout data in multiple 3D formats, like the STEP format.

Convert your data from 2D to 3D and bridge the world of electronics and mechanics. An effective flow of information between the various involved departments and cross-team working open up unforeseen opportunities.

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Import components from CSV file:

You have a bill of material and some Gerber data? Use both with PCB-Investigator and import your components from CSV file to a new component layer to the Gerber stackup.

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To allow a cross program data transfer between the various development and production tools, DXF (Drawing Interchange Format) is an important help.

With the DXF Import Plug-in you can import DXF data to your PCB layout.

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In addition to other PCB data formats like ODB++, GenCad, IPC2581, DXF, DPF, ... PCB-Investigator is also able to directly import your EAGLE layout without having to use any ULP program or workaround.

Just use drag&drop, it’s as simple as that!

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In combination with ODB++ and IPC 2581, GenCAD is one of the most important PCB data formats mainly used in the manufacturing area.

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Gerber ist one of the most used and common data formats fo the data exchange between CAD an dCAM.

Using the "Gerber plugin", you are able to import and export your Gerber data.

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This free plug-in creates a "dae" file in order to import PCB data to Google SketchUp.

All you need are ODB++ or IPC-2581 data of your design.

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PCB-Investigator Import / Export for IDF Format.

There are implementation for IDF 2.0 and 3.0

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In addition to ODB++ and GenCAD, IPC-2581 is an important PCB data format, mostly used in the development field.

The IPC-2581 Plug-in enables PCB-Investigator to easily import and export IPC-2581 A/B data files.

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ODB++ ist a market leading, intelligent PCB data format that helps you to prevent errors happening during data exchange.

Benefit from the advantages of ODB++ with PCB-Investigator´s ODB++ plugin.

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