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PCB-Investigator Plug-Ins

Our Plug-In system makes it possible to supply customized solutions and guarantees an easy integration of the Plug-Ins in your working process.

Take a look at the predeveloped Plug-Ins we provide. They give immediate help for a lot of tasks around the PCB development to save time and increase quality.

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A printed circuit board runs through many different steps from its development and design to its production.

With PCB-Investigator Embedded, you enable every involved person to work with PCB-Investigator without buying more licenses or running more time-consuming installations.

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Automate your tasks with the PCB-Investigator scripting tool.

Create own scripts to automate daily work with full functions of IAutomation Interface.
Many examples included on helping page inside of the tool.

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The Shortcut for Top/Bottom View Plug-in is a free plug-in, that makes your workflow more effective.

The two icons on the toolbar allow a one-click-switch from top to bottom view. As you can see in the setup screenshot, key shortcuts for a quick switch are available as well.

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